Hydronique While Traveling

Electrolyte supplementation while traveling | InfographicRemember travelling? 

Well it’s back! 

Dust off that suitcase, find that passport (make sure it’s not expired!), and start shopping for those travel essentials!

Whether you are travelling by plane, train, or going on a cruise, to destinations warm or cold, you’ll want to make sure you stay healthy the entire vacation. 

Keeping hydrated and eating healthy can be hard when you out of your normal environment.

That’s where daily supplements can help! 

Here are a few key ones to consider: 

  1. Vitamin C and Zinc: These nutrients may support your immune system. Many studies show supplementation can reduce the duration and severity of the common cold.1,2
  2. Magnesium: Many people do not realize they are deficient in magnesium. This nutrient may  help with stress and muscle relaxation. It may also decrease the frequency of migraines.3 60mg/day is a good place to start.
  3. Elderberry: A powerful antioxidant! A study of 312 air travelers taking daily Elderberry extract found that those who got did get sick had a shorter duration of illness and less severe symptoms than those who do not.4
  4. Vitamin B2: Also known as riboflavin, B2 supplementation may prevent migraine headaches.5 And since it’s water-soluble, any excess will be secreted. In fact, all B-vitamins have benefits that can help you throughout your vacation.
  5. Electrolytes: These are minerals that can conduct electricity when dissolved in water, including sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, etc. It is especially important to continually replace your body’s sodium and potassium stores, which are often depleted during vacation in warm destinations.
  6. Taurine: If your excursions require a log of physical activity, then taurine may help. Studies show it can increase endurance, which may help you make it through those long guided tours!

Pro-Tip: Avoid sugars: While sugar may give you a rapid boost, it’s often also accompanied by a crash. Plus it adds empty calories with little nutrition benefit. If you want an afternoon sweet, consider products with natural plant-based sweeteners like Stevia, which has zero calories and a low-glycemic index.7

Pro-Tip: Set a timer! It can be easy to forget to hydrate when you’re relaxing out in the sun or busy on an adventure. Set regular reminders throughout your day for time when you can stop what you’re doing and hydrate with a nutritious beverage.


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