Healthy hydration

Nutritious, refreshing, convenient, sugar-free, hydration powder packets for busy people

healthy hydration

Nutritious, delicious, convenient, sugar-free hydration powder packets for busy people

Created by a frontline healthcare worker

Our founder, Kedar, a frontline healthcare worker, was frustrated with the lack of healthy affordable sugar-free drink options on the market, so he created Hydronique Hydration: a nutrient-rich beverage made for busy people.

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Healthy doesn't have to be hard

It can be difficult to eat healthy and hydrate during your busy day! Hydronique is an easy, affordable, healthy drink option that forms the daily foundation of your health.

Whether you're working irregular hours and don't have time to find a healthy beverage or you simply forget to eat or drink, Hydronique is there for you every single day.

Better-for-Body Beverage

Packed with more nutrients than the typical powdered beverage or hydration multiplier!

Over 25 premium high-quality ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and electrolytes, specifically chosen to meet your daily needs.

no sugar, no carbs

It's true that sugar can help with water absorption, but most people already consume enough sugar in their diet to meet their needs. Many of our customers drink Hydronique while eating a snack on their break.

Hydronique is keto-friendly with no sugar and no carbohydrates.

Lightly sweetened with natural plant-based Stevia leaf, with no artificial sweetener and no aftertaste.

portable powder packets

Hydronique comes in convenient portable easy-tear stick packets filled with our premium nutrient-rich hydration powder.

Simple pour into 16oz of cold water and feel good about making a healthy choice during your busy day.

refreshing elderberry flavor

Our first product contains elderberry, a potent antioxidant renowned for its immune boosting properties.

Our customers are raving about the unique light refreshing berry taste!

manufactured in the usa

Hydronique Hydration products are manufactured in Florida, USA with locally- and globally-sourced ingredients at a certified industry-standard cGMP site.

We also ensure stringent testing in a professional lab for purity, heavy metals and microbials, to make sure our products are safe.

Nutrient Rich

Gluten Free

Plant based

Keto Friendly

No Added Sugar

No Artificial Sweeteners

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